Social our business. We encourage our employees and

Social responsibility and ethical consideration Best Work EnvironmentWe value our each and every employee and clients, and strive to make a respectful and professional environment for workplace. Bias, prejudice, harassment, discrimination and hostile or disrespectful behaviour are not tolerated (Martina, 2012).Commitment to ExcellenceWe possess a passion toward our business. We encourage our employees and members to continually look for a effective and efficient way to enhance quality of product.IntegrityWe highly align that reputation for integrity, fairness, and compliance with all rules and regulations is the most valuable asset of our company (Veríssimo and Lacerda, 2014).

Our work and action will possess honesty and integrity. We had a code of business ethics and program that outline the conduct of our business and all the party associates with it by standard norms for all.Health and SafetyWe are committed to providing a healthy working environment that could be possibly affect adversely our employees health, safety, or job performance (Martina, 2012). Our foremost objective is minimising occupational injuries and illnesses toward an ultimate goal of zero accidents and injuries with continuously focus our health and safety program.Environmentally friendly programmesWaste management – We have been working hard since the last years to largely diminished the proportion of our waste that goes to landfill. Waste is also segregated into dry mixed recycling (DMR), food waste recycling and landfill recycling.

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Photovoltaic roof systems – The main aim to reduce carbon we have installed photovoltaic arrays on the roof so, 1.8m kWh of electricity will be generated in a saving almost 700 tonnes of carbon for purpose of baking.Employees Providing manufacturing employees with volunteer days on the company that can be effective in recognition and valuing each individual more than just the responsibility that they are tasked as a part of company. By helping to support an individual passions grows (Glavas,2017).Element of ethical marketing are worth mentioning because its important to sustainable agriculture from an environmental perspective. We also conduct a program to raise awareness about the topsoil erosion can damage rural and individual farm. We emphasis that our suppliers must have a organic certifications. We also provide a pasture and land for our livelihood to freely roam.

We are also conscious about the animals shouldn’t be over fed or unhealthy stuff like chemical. 


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