Increased leisure. Traditionally considered a luxury, travel

Increased mobility as a result of use of motor car for travel, therefore, is yet another important economic factor which is responsible for growth in tourism in Europe and North America. Social Causes:The social causes of the rapid growth of tourism on the other hand can be linked with new attitudes towards travel and leisure. Traditionally considered a luxury, travel now is considered to be a normal activity and an indispensable part of lifestyles and consumption patterns of a large majority of people enjoying a higher standard of living.

The present day tourist, having a different kind of a background than a traveller of the past, is much more informed. His ideas about travel are quite different and he comes from a wider social background. His tastes and desires are much more varied. A large number of people are now going abroad to participate in more exciting, challenging and exotic activities like mountaineering, water skiing, trekking, winter sports, underwater swimming and the like. Technological Causes:The technological causes of the rapid growth of tourism can be associated with the advancements made in modernizing transport and communication systems. The impact of the modern transport technology, especially in the aviation field has brought about a completely new meaning to travel and tourism. Travel to even remote destinations has now become a reality.

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The technological developments have now made it possible for an increasing number of people to travel to faraway place which only a few decades ago.


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