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Soccer, hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. What’s your sport ? Sports are played all around the world and sometimes it’s just a simple game, but often it’s much more than that. I’m sure most of us here have been in a situation as the time is ticking off the clock and your team or your favourite team makes the game winning shot, and I’m sure that a lot of us would have loved to be the star player on the basketball team or the team that makes the game winning shot and now that’s possible if you join a sport. Although sportsthey are played all over the world they are not always encouraged to play, and there are many for many reasons.

to that. Some of the biggest reason why kids are not playing sports as much it are because parents are afraidscared that if they put their son or daughter into a sport then there will be a negative impact on their academics, or the person that is deciding to sign up for the team or not, thinks that they don’t have the skills to be an olympic play, and a perfect example for that is that Connor Mcdavid didn’t just put on a pair of skates on and walk onto the ice and starting skating at 40 km/h., Hhe kept practicing and practicing until he got it better. Most of the time that’s not even the case because  participating in sports can have huge benefits for you. Sports can help , cause it will keep you physically fit, it can teach you many life lessons, it can help you mentally, it’s fun and you will make so many memories. My first example of why sSports should be encouraged becauseencouraged are because they can help you keep physically fit,. sSports can and will benefit you physically  if you’re in a sport because they include proper weight management, it will increase your muscle strength, endurance, and improving your flexibility as well as your posture.

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If you want to keep physically fit by playing sports means that you have to be fully committed to the sport that you are playing  and you have to  do your own personal stretches to prevent from injuries. The benefits of sports go way farther than your weight management , because research shows that regular physical activity can help reduce the risk for plenty of diseases and health conditions and it will improve your overall quality of life. Sports do not only help you physically they also help you mentally. If your playing sports regularly it could boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.

As your improving in your strength, stamina, and skills while playing sports your self image will also start to improve as well. There are 6 main things that sports can help you with mentally and those 6 things are sports develop leadership traits , they help you maintain a healthy weight, they improve your sleep habits, they reduce stress and depression, they improve your concentration, and sports improve your mood. All of these things do not only help you with sports, they help you with other things like having good sleep habits is good for a  numerous of things like waking up on time so your not late for school, and sports also help your mood and being in a good mood is important for everything. The last and final reason why sports should be encouraged are because they arere fun.

Most kids play sports because of the fun of it and not having fun is why 70% of kids quit playing sports by the time there 13, and what the kids don’t find fun is that they lose too much.  Another reason why kids also quit sports is because they lose. Losing is a bad thing but it is part of sports.and Ssometimes kids take it too seriously like it’s the world cup or the nba finals but they don’t get that sometimes it’s good to lose because then you will learn what you have to improve on to make yourself a better player than you already are.

What people find the most fun is when they score a hatrick or get the game winning goal and the biggest one of all is when they win a game or especially a championship. Now that you can see all of the benefits of sports it’s probably hard to believe that sports are not always encouraged  around the  world. There are very little negative things compared to all of the benefits of sports., and just a reminder of tThe three benefits of sports which include that they keep you in top physical shape, they help you mentally, and there fun.

One of the most important things that sports will certainly help you with is to be a good teammate, how to be  gracious winner and also how to handle defeat. A quote by Rafael Nadal ” Stay healthy, do sports and above all have fun while doing the sport. Competing or just for fun, whatever, simply enjoy and try your best. Working hard, and working well with achievable goals normally pays off. Believe in the people that are with you and listen to those who have more experience “.  This quote that I picked by Rafael Nadal really made sense to what I was talking about today and it was saying that if you play sports then you will keep healthy, you will have fun and improve on your skill, and as long as you work hard then you could achieve your goals not only in sports but in anything.

Thank you!! You need to go through and re-read your speech. You have some great information but it reads really choppy and some things don’t fit.


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