Soaked and unsoaked CBR values for different percent of RHA stabilized soil are listed in Table 8. Variation of soaked and unsoaked CBR value for different percentage of RHA mixed soil are shown in Fig. 8. As the amount of RHA increases, soaked and unsoaked CBR value of RHA-soil mix also increases initially up to 15% replacement of soil and then decreases. There is a considerable increment in soaked and unsoaked CBR value about 4.48% and 6.67% respectively at 15% replacement of soil by RHA. The results obtained in the current study were parallel to previous findings (e.g: Gupta and Kumar 2016; Okafor and Okonkwo, 2009)

The increment in soaked and unsoaked CBR value after inclusion of RHA is due to the formation of cementing agents due to Pozzolanic reactions by the addition of silica in the RHA. The reduction of strength after 15% RHA may be due to surplus RHA that could not be not mobilized in the reaction, which consequently occupies spaces within the sample and thus reducing bond in the soil-RHA mixtures

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