smoking: have a number of negative effects on

smoking: Smoking in public places should be illegal, and today, we theaffirmative team, will giveyou many reasons to prove why.People have been smoking cigarettes for hundreds of years, but it wasn’tuntilrecently that people started to realize exactly how bad cigarette smoking is.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Category:Social IssuesPaper Title:smokingText:Smoking in public places should be illegal, and today, we the affirmativeteam, will giveyou many reasons to prove why.

People have been smoking cigarettes for hundreds of years, but it wasn’tuntilrecently that people started to realize exactly how bad cigarette smoking is.It can have anumber of negative effects on the smoker, such as – Lung Cancer, Emphysema,HeartDisease etcNot only can it have these effects on the smoker, but a personwho is simplybeing exposed to the smoke can contract the same illnesses, which hardlyseems fair.Smoking in public places is actually endangering people’s lives.

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Secondhand smoking is proven to cause lung cancer. Many reputable groups thathave inspected the evidence have reached the same conclusion, such as the USSurgeongeneral’s office, National Research Council, National institute ofoccupational safety andhealth, international agency for research on cancer, and the US occupationalsafety andhealth administration. Studies conducted show that people who breathesecondhandsmoke are 150% more likely to get lung cancer later. Exposure to second handsmokecauses about 47,000 deaths from heart disease and 3,000 lung cancer deaths,makingSecondhand Smoke the third leading cause of preventable death in the country.Not onlythat, but Secondhand smoke causes up to 300,000 cases of lower respiratorytractinfections such as bronchitis and pneumonia in infants and young children.

These childrenand adults are totally innocent, and have made the choice to keep theirbodies healthy byNOT smoking, yet their results are just as bad, if not worse, then thesmokers! Americansshould have the right to be healthy if they so choose, and to do that, weneed to create asmoke-free environment in all public places.Cigarette smoke contains about 300 dangerous chemicals. In order to containthese chemicals to just the smoking sections, ventilation rates would have tobe increasedmore than a thousand-fold to reduce cancer risk.

Even if we had the money todo that, itwould be impractical, because it would crease a virtual windstorm!Many places in the US already do ban smoking and the results have all beenpositive. 85% of the nations shopping malls are now smoke free. Princetonborough andtownship are doing things that hopefully many other towns and cities willfollow–they arethe first localities in the New York metropolitan region to outlaw smoking inalmost allpublic places, including bars and restaurants.

The Law states that smokingshould beallowed only in private homes, outdoors and in the borough’s single smokeshop. This isexactly the kind of law we need throughout the United States.Many restaurants across the Nation have banned smoking and it has not hurtbusiness at all. Even smoke-free ordinances in North Carolina, the number onetobacco-producing state in the US, have brought on a positive effect. The vastmajority of studiesshown have proved the same thing. Studies in California and Arizona hadsimilar results.

Massachusetts’s smoke free restaurants increased sales by 4%. In New YorkCity, eatingout has increased since the city’s clean indoor air law took effect. The year2000 thetarget date to make all enclosed public areas smoke free. New York started bylimitingthe smoking sections in existing restaurants and making all new restaurantscompletelysmoke-free. In all my research, I only found one article on how clean indoorairregulations had a negative effect, and it turned out those places weregetting paid off bythe tobacco company!Not only does the new law not affect the restaurants and other public places,but itdoesn’t affect the people negatively either! In a recent pole, 2.8 million ofthe 46 millionsmokers said they’d quit if there were a national ban.

Fifty thousand otherswould decidenot to start each year the law is in effect! This may not sound like a lot,but it is.Cigarette consumption would decline at least 10%, which is about 2.5 millionpacks ayear! Before, about one half of the non-smokers were avoiding certainrestaurants b/c ofthe smoke. Now, 17% of non-smokers eat out more, and are making up greatlyfor the33% of smokers who refuse to eat in these restaurants. This may seem like alot, but infact, it isn’t! Only 30% of Americans smoke, so actually only 10% aren’teating out b/c ofthe law, while about 30% more people are! In total, 86% of the Americanpopulation isnot only fine with the Clean Indoor Air

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