Smartphone was born in 1992

Smartphone was born in 1992, invented by IBM, which was nicknamed “Simon”. The features I had were calendar, address book, calculator, e-mail service and a touch screen. At that time it was very expensive, $ 899 USD, but not many can afford it. In 1996, Nokia launched a series of smartphones that were combined between a cell phone and a PDA. The real smartphone that first has an all-in-one device is Ericsson, R380. As shown in the figure, the phone can be opened and closed, inside a touch screen, using the Symbian operating system. Nokia has also started with the first camera phone and the Wi-Fi phone, which is called 9500.

In 2002 alone, the smartphone revolution began when Blackberry entered the industry, providing its users with email services as well as Palm Treo and QWERTY keyboards. In addition to the Blackberry, there is also the Ericsson P800 model. These phones incorporate new features such as MP3, camera and wireless technology, which lead to the popularity of exchange email. More information came in 2005, Sony Ericsson launched the N series for entrepreneurs due to their computer skills. In 2007, Steve Job, Apple’s former CEO, launched the iPhone, which changes the idea of ??smartphones in people’s minds. Android, which is an open source operating system released by Google, Intel, HTC and a group of other developers in 2008. It is a solid operating system against iOS as it has become one of the largest users operating worldwide. world in 2012.