Singapore power the more flexible in communication flow.

Singapore Singapore scores high on power distance dimension. This means that generally power is centralized and managers rely on rules and their bosses. Moreover, it is normal and expected from staff to be told what to do. Additionally, the information flow is selective the higher the power the more flexible in communication flow.Singapore, with a score of 20, can be considered a collectivistic society.

This means that they value “We”, people in organization look after each other in exchange for loyalty. The harmony of the group comes first, any conflicts are avoided. Singapore scores 48 and is in the “middle” of the scale but more on the Feminine side, caring for others and quality of life (Feminine) over, competition, or success being defined by the winner.

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This can be interpreted as the softer aspects of culture is valued. In addition, being modest and humble is very important in this society. Singapore scores 8 on uncertainty avoidance dimension which is among one of the lowest.

As a result, Singaporean are open and ready for differences even though that would mean facing a risk. Singapore scores 72 in long-tern oriented, this reflects that Singapore cultural values perseverance and sustained efforts. They understand that great result takes time. Moreover, they prioritize education as the way to prepare for the future. The United StatesUS scores 40 in power distance means that the gap between bosses and employees is not far apart. Within American companies, hierarchy is formed for convenience, but superiors are accessible. The lower power expect order from the higher power but do not need micro management.

US is the most Individualist (91) cultures in the world. This means that people look after themselves and do not rely on their immediate families. Employees are expected to have self-reliant. The score of the US on Masculinity is high. “Strive to be the best” is the base value to Americans in work or even in play. They live to work as they see achievements in their life gives them higher status. Thus, conflicts and competition in the society is high and seen as normal as these activities brings out the best in people.The US scores 46 which is below average.

New ideas, innovative products and willingness to breaking out to new things are fairly respect and acceptable.The United States score a low of 26 in the long-term oriented dimension. American businesses have to issue the measurement of their performance often in short time basis. For example, the financial statements, profit and loss statements and balance sheet are often offered on a quarterly basis. As a consequence, business companiesstrive to show quick positive results within a short-term.


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