Since which pushes or motivates current to flow.

Since then, we already have this notion on how dangerous electricity is. We are even afraid to see sparks coming out from an outlet every time we plugged on something.

We are aware that we should not put our fingers into electrical outlets especially when we are wet. Because of our fear on electricity, it may have puzzled us when we first became curious weeing dozens and even hundreds of birds sitting for long periods of time on electrical wires high up in the air. We may have asked ourselves on how they are able to sit there without being shocked? How did they really do it? Is it some kind of magic? Or what? Electricity current is the movement of electrons through conductors. In electrical wires, the copper wire is a great conductor of electricity.

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Thus, it allows electricity to flow easily along its surface since the path is of least resistance. This is one reason why birds don’t get shocked when they sit on electrical wires because they are not good conductors of electricity like the copper wires. It is due to their cells and tissues that do not offer electrons an easier route. So, the electricity bypasses the birds and keeps flowing along the wire instead. Moreover, there is another reason why electricity will not flow on bird’s body while sitting on a wire. This is the absence of electrical potential or voltage difference which pushes or motivates current to flow.

But, the bird is not safe as always in some cases. If the bird would touch the ground while sitting on the wire or flap its wings and touch another electric wire with a different voltage, then it would get shocked and likely die by electrocution. This is because its body would become a path for the electricity to reach either the ground or another wire of different electrical potential since there will be a presence of potential difference. Additionally, how do workers repair live electrical wires without getting hurt also? Of course, they use insulating materials in their clothing, equipment, and bucket trucks.

Insulating materials such as rubber are materials through which electricity has a hard time flowing. So instead of passing through the electrician, the electrons stay on the other side of his rubber gloves or rubber-hand. But despite of this safety badges, being a power linesman is still a dangerous job because dealing with electricity requires a lot of training and expertise. Thus, the best thing to do is to stay away from electrical wires unless we are a trained professional or a bird who possess effortless ability.


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