Since by the military involve a high degree

Since the establishment of Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in the 1950s till date it has been engaged in numerous military operations ranging from combat operations to Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HADR) and Peacekeeping/support Operations (PKOs).

However in recent times Peace Support Operations (PSO) mainly termed Peacekeeping have been a primary preoccupation of the Ghana Armed Forces. For the past three decades or more it has been operating in Lebanon and Congo DRC and recently Liberia, Chad, and South Sudan which happens to be Africa’s newest nation. Ghana Armed forces have deployed officers and men in this military operating theatres with the mission of creating an environment of security, stability and peaceful atmosphere in the respective nations.

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Operations by the military involve a high degree of careful and detailed logistics planning so as to surmount or minimize the associated dangers or complexities that may hinder the objectives of the military operation. Armed tasks involve a high grade of difficulty and insecurity, where actions, purposes and dangers vary over time and the logistics needs to reflect the operating circumstances (Ferris and Keithly, 2001).Accomplishing these missions rests on the ability of the Armed Forces to be equipped and move its forces to the operational theatre and sustain them while they are engaged.

Logistics provide the backbone for military operations. Without fuel, ammunition, rations, and other supplies, the Armed Forces would grind to a halt. The Ghana military must be prepared to be deployed anywhere on the globe especially in an era of coalition warfare, logistics remain a key factor.2Sourcing and Logistics deployment in modern operating theatres have shifted from the traditional supplies such as fuel and ration to the insertions of advanced technological equipment such as more rapid and silent jets, cutting-edge riot-control armaments, lighter infantry gear that do not overstretch troops, ultra-light automobiles and better frontline infrastructures.

In the marine territory, Naval chiefs have for years been seeking for crafty mini-submarines that can be distantly activated, and fast toughened control boats for anti-piracy and coastline safety tasks.Exact information on the adversary is continuously on the armed forces wish list, and achievement in impending clashes will have need of expertise that can execute tireless reconnaissance to help detect adversaries and approachable armies such as Unarmed Vehicles (UAVs/drones), robots that can operate autonomously to conduct mundane task.This study therefore examines the sourcing and logistics support for operations in the Ghana Armed Forces.


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