Since world around us moves so quickly.

Since modern day humans are not at risk of being killed off by natural predators and humans are living much longer than our ancestors, many believe that humans are done evolving. This is far from the truth. Humans are continuing to evolve, and the evolution process is moving much faster than our ancestors. Scientists are seeing the evolution process taking place in our genetic makeup, pushing disease-carrying genes out of our system (Ratner, 2017). Humans are also experiencing big evolutionary changes in our brains, which might be changing our behaviors and the way we think (McAuliffe, 2011). Although modern day humans have virtually no issue reproducing and natural selection has been removed from our lives, evolution is very prevalent, and a lot of it’s driving force regional (Lents, 2016).Our brains are becoming smaller, but we are getting smarter. In an article written by Kathleen McAuliffe, an author and, scientist, explains in her article for Discover Magazine that many scientists argue that although our brains are downsizing, our brains are working on becoming faster and more efficient in the thinking process (McAuliffe, 2011). This would make a great amount of sense, and be an advantage to our lifestyle. The world around us moves so quickly. We have the world at our fingertips, expecting fast and efficient technology use. It would only make sense for our brains to be working in a way that is going to help us keep up with the demand for faster technology. In the article written for Discover Magazine, McAuliffe also talks about how the evolution of our brains is changing our overall personalities and behaviors. Because of our shrinking brains, humans are more tolerant and much less aggressive compared to our hunter and gatherer ancestors. This same trend can be seen in domesticated livestock. Domesticated farm animals have smaller brains, and a much more tamed temperament compared to their feral relatives (McAuliffe, 2011). Our ancestors had a reason to be more aggressive and impulsive. Their unstable and harsh lifestyles called for such behavior. The modern human has many fewer obstacles to overcome when it comes to living our daily lives. Our brains are evolving to make us even more domesticated, which is a factor in how evolution is affecting our behaviors. Due to humans’ diverse backgrounds, each ethnicity carries different genes. Evolution is taking place due to all sorts of different things like location, immigration, social status, and interracial breeding. In more wealthy countries and areas, sex education and different forms of birth control are readily available. As a result, families are usually smaller. However, in more poor countries and areas, families are usually much bigger because these areas are not as educated. Because of these facts, the genetic pool is much larger in poor areas than wealthy areas (Lents, 2016).The scientists who believe evolution in humans is finished are overlooking many facts. The human race is continuing to evolve in various ways. Although our appearances are not drastically evolving like our ancestors once did, we are still showing signs of evolution in our everyday lives. From our brains evolving to keep up with the fast demand for technology to human offsprings having various genetic backgrounds, we can be certain that evolution is happening, and will continue to happen in humans. 


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