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Since high school my favorite courses were physics and mathematics. That led me to enroll inElectrical and Computer Engineering undergraduate program at the University of Novi Sad. It is the secondbest ECE school and university in Serbia. After I have completed integrated B.S./M.S. degree, I have enrolledin the third year in Physics and Fundamentals of Technical Engineering program at the University ofBelgrade. That is the best physics school and university in Serbia. My goal was to obtain teacher’s degree inPhysics and Engineering and to find a job as a teacher. To bolster physics education, as well as researchexperience, I have completed master’s program in Applied and Computer Physics at the same university.After education at University of Belgrade, I have enrolled in unique Ph.D. program, in Center forImaging Science at Rochester Institute of Technology, to do research in optical imaging. During the first twoyears, I have made satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. degree. However, it turned out that professors inoptical imaging or optics area, from my department and even from other departments, did not have funding totake new students. In the beginning of the third year, I have decided to complete terminal master’s degreethrough master’s project and apply to Ph.D. program in Optics and Photonics at University of Central Florida.Graduate program in Imaging Science is highly multidisciplinary with focus on imaging chain. Thecore courses in this graduate program cover every aspect of the imaging chain: collection, detection,processing, transmission, storage, analysis and display of images. In addition, it is one of a kind graduateprogram in the world which awards graduate degrees in Imaging Science. Since one of the goals, mentionedin the CREOL’s strategic plan, was developing Imaging and Sensing research track, I would like to bring theknowledge, skills, and experience obtained from my current graduate program to the Optics and Photonicsgraduate program. This is one of the four reasons why do I want to come to CREOL.Although I already have strong educational background in optics, my desire is to take some coursesfor which I did not have an opportunity in previous education, such as Integrated Photonics with ProfessorFathpour, Ultrafast Optics with Professor Delfyett, and very unique course Attosecond Optics with ProfessorChang. Getting the highest quality education in optics is another reason why do I want to come to CREOL.Since I have strong educational background and research experience in electrical engineering, physics,optics, and imaging science, the next step in my academic career would be earning a Ph.D. degree from one ofthe best optics schools in the world, as The College of Optics and Photonics at University of Central Floridais. My goal is to obtain a Ph.D. degree under the guidance of one out of many professors which I havementioned in my research statement and the third reason why do I want to come to CREOL.Considering that I really have an interest in teaching, that I have obtained teacher’s degree, that I wastutoring high school and college students, as well as that my current graduate program awarded me a two-yearteaching assistantship in undergraduate and graduate optics courses, after obtaining Ph.D. degree fromCREOL my goal is to work as university professor. On the other hand, I would consider possibility to work inresearch oriented jobs in optics industry. Since CREOL is highly regarded in academia, as well as in industry,a Ph.D. degree from this program would help me to obtain a goal and that is the fourth reason why do I wantto come to CREOL.Finally, I am fully aware that admission to Optics and Photonics Ph.D. program is extremelycompetitive with many outstanding applicants. However, my uniqueness reflected in very strongmultidisciplinary educational background obtained through rigorous coursework, research and teachingexperience in optics, the fact that I know a lot about CREOL graduate program, multiply goals that I want toachieve during and after obtaining Ph.D. degree, and most importantly my perfect match with manyprofessors and research groups at CREOL, should give me an edge over other very well-qualified applicants.Therefore, I hope that my efforts to become a researcher and a teacher in optics will be recognized and that Iwill be accepted into this outstanding Ph.D. program. I, therefore, look forward to joining University ofCentral Florida-Optics and Photonics graduate program as a Ph.D. student for Fall 2018.


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