Since like a career doing something I

Since middle school the human mind became a fascination and I decided that pursuing a career in the psychology field was the right choice for me.

I assisted children with disorders first and I learned how differently their minds worked. They all learned in unique ways and even the way they came to solve problems would vary. It was interesting to me and I wanted to learn more.

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During High school, I started enrolling in a psychology classes which only motivated me further to pursue a future in that field. I will be graduating from Blanche Ely High School and going to Orlando to continue my education at UCF. I’m currently attending Broward College for dual enrollment and taking AP and Honors classes. By majoring in psychology/psychiatry I plan to receive my bachelor’s and master’s degree from UCF. I will be finishing my pre-requisites for psychiatry classes which include completing biology, physics, chemistry, and math courses. I would transfer to a medical school to obtain my PhD in psychiatry. I will be trying to find an internship in clinics to fulfill my requirements to acquire my dream job.

I would like a career doing something I enjoy doing rather than getting up and going to work because I must. Job experience is something that can help overall and you need to start somewhere. After I am settled in at UCF, I will begin applying for on- campus jobs at various locations so I can work part-time during the school year. I will need to find a way to juggle both a job and an education to support myself in the future. Having earned my doctorates, I will be able to have my own practice and work my way up the ladder. It will take time, but it would be worth it overall.

Being able to provide a service to people and helping them live “normal” lives is rewarding in its self. I would love to be able to see into someone’s mind, listening, and assisting people in understanding their thoughts.


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