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Since I was a kid, I was curious about how things work, how some machines are made. This curiosity led me to take up science stream in my tenth grade. After completing my twelfth grade, in order to satiate my curiosity about machines and their mechanisms and processes, it was only appropriate to do undergraduate studies in the field of mechanical engineering.

But simply graduating like thousands of other people isn’t enough for me. I want to gain more in-depth knowledge and stand out from others and pursuing post-graduation can fulfil these conditions and give me an added advantage. I chose Mechanical Engineering for my undergraduate studies because I found it the most interesting. It covers some of the most interesting phenomena and principles of science and engineering.

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It has given me profound knowledge of the fundamentals in the mechanical engineering subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Design of Machine Elements, Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Solids, Theory and Kinematics of Machines, Renewable Energy, Operations Research, Manufacturing Processes, Fluid Power, CAD/CAM, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Internal Combustion Engines etc. In my undergraduate studies, I was very much intrigued by the subjects Fluid Power, Mechanics of Solids and Thermodynamics which led me to complete two six month projects during the final year, namely- “Hand Pump using Pendulum” and “Air Cooler cum Air Heater”. The former focuses on reducing the human effort required to pump the water thus reducing fatigue and can be used easily by kids as well as old people. The latter focuses on providing cool air by using secondary refrigerant-brine which gives very low temperatures thereby saves the operation cost as well as less consumption of electricity. My time at Huber Group India Private Limited, as a graduate apprentice in the maintenance department, played a crucial role in my life as it helped me transition from being just an engineer to a professional. Currently, I am working at Urvashi Engineering Works from November 2017 as a Quality Control Engineer. My responsibilities include learning how various equipments operate and then train the production workers to operate them as well as raw material checking.  Apart from academics, I have been a part of many extra-curricular activities in school as well as in college.

I have actively taken part in school annual day and sports day, also been a part of many cultural activities in my school. I have represented my school in cricket tournament as well as table-tennis tournament. In college, I represented the college in various football and table-tennis competitions for 3 years. I am also a member of Lions Club International- Vapi Royal, which works for giving a better life to the under-privileged thus making this world a better place. All these activities have given me confidence, maturity, perseverance, team work, leadership qualities etc.

which has helped me to grow as a person.  We know that a lot of factors are affecting our environment and I want to do something that supports sustainability. That is why I have decided to pursue Masters of Science in Energy Engineering at your university. Politecnico di Milano is known as one of the most outstanding European universities in the field of Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design.

The Energy Engineering course offered by your university is precisely apt for me and will prepare me for all the challenges that lie ahead. An opportunity to study in your university in Italy would be very fortunate for me, it will not only help me become a successful engineer but also help me become a better person by sharing experiences with people of diverse culture. I am fully aware the university expects high standards which I assure I can live up to. I sincerely hope that I fulfil all the requirements for admission in your university and that my application is favourably received by the admissions department.



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