Since the reinforcement has been fixed, the

Since the embankment will be on poor ground conditions with running
sand, the skew angle will be less than 20°, and the cutting slopes will be
reasonably steep (although not as steel as the cutting north of the Humber), thus
the winged wall cantilevering from the abutment wall will likely give a good
economical solution. (Bridge Design, 2017) Online. Foundations will be required for the abutments which will be made of
concrete pad. The pad footings will be constructed by excavating a depth of 2.5
metres below the formation level of the embankment and laying a concrete layer
that will be75 mm thick, ‘at foundation formation level over the full extent of
the rectangular foundation.’ (Transport, 2017) Online. This is so that it can
produce a clean and flat plain surface that will can contain the wet structural
foundation of the concrete. The concrete layer will be transported on site
together with the steel reinforcement. The reinforcement will consist of bars
that will protrude vertically for when the concrete is poured. The formwork for
the foundation slab will be comprised of metallic sheets that will be supported
by wooden stakes. The concrete will be left for a period so that it cures
before the formwork is stripped from foundation base. Since there is high water table, the reinforcement cages will be fixed
when the risk of flooding during the excavations is not substantial. If there
is flooding of the excavations before the foundations have been casted and
after the reinforcement has been fixed, the water will then be pumped out and
the reinforcement will be cleaned so that to ensure there is no debris trapped
in the foundations during the casting stage. The correct class and size of
aggregate will be confirmed with the project’s contractor before the casting stage
of the substructure foundation (NRA, 2017) Online. Steel reinforcement will
be fixed for the whole span of the walls on both sides which will also act as
the piers of the bridge that will eventually be fitted. Concrete will be placed
for the wall pier using vibrations and finished until it reaches the top of where
the wall is supposed to finish. The side wings of the abutment will be higher
than the wall facing the railway line since the deck will be placed on top and
will have to be at the same level as the side wings


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