High priority issues

Falling sales – The issue is a newly opened store next door offering better products, simulation is done by analyzing impact of having a new item with variety of uses and the old item on the other hand you are used to and determine what you will prefer. The supervisor should shop in the new store and get to see how they are doing things differently and we will work at a strategy of giving better service and market our new services. Reduced sales will result from lack of proper advertising or it could result from deliberate attempts from employees to chase customers due to lack of motivation. Simulation is done by thinking like a customer while budgeting and carrying out purchases and the kind of service expected or received in the past.

Mostly, one will go for high-tech products like internet gadgets. The company should carry out advertising and product promotions to push the sales of the music systems but stock the items needed by the consumers. However, if such products have demand in other store, they can be marketed there and if possible sent there. About the new store, we should stock highly moving items-internet related items, offer after sales customer care and do aggressive advertising. Product promotions as well will help push the sales. Simulation will be carried out by putting in stock newly manufactured internet gadgets and the normal music theatres, then ask a client to choose what one likes to take for free, most will go for he first option and that should be stocked more. The market trends speak louder, customers of electronics want to be given variety so they can compare and choose what they want to use.

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We will give them many products under one roof so they can choose that which they want, simulation is done by having two stores, one stocked by same products, and another store by a variety of same products for comparison, the store with variety will attract more purchasers than in the first store. A working and stable WAN is very crucial in the stores operations. Management should make it a priority to install a reliable WAN so as to help coordinate the system’s stores and do sales real-time.

Lower priority issues

Attrition: Employees could leave because of many reasons ranging from lack of motivation to work, low salary and the excitement of working for a new store. Simulation is done by analyzing level of satisfaction at work in relation to the best working environment within the locality and what can lead to employee turnover. Management should contact the leaving employees to know reasons for their leaving and try to remedy this to avert more employee turnover.

Some incentives may be introduced in due process. Disability laws are essential since they give the disabled a chance to buy from us or work at the company. Simulation is done by working on a small wooden structure showing current access routes and another for proposed access routes and check how possible it will be using a wheelchair in both cases.

It is essential to close down during off-season and work on the disability access ways to capture the purchases of the disabled. There is change of consumer preferences, simulation will be done by analyzing what as an individual you need and that is what the consumer needs given a certain level of income, the manager should work with speed to stock more internet products and increase advertising of the music systems in stock so as to help sell them. Complaints about Shauna being petty, simulation is done by assuming Shauna is not our employee, how will employees carry out duties differently from how they work now and if they will relax on duties compared to current scenario, a management decision will be made effectively whether congratulate Shauna or make her realize her mistakes. If employees are not satisfied, they may not work excellently, simulation is carried out by giving employees a chance to choose higher salary with high responsibilities or lower salary with fewer responsibilities and all will go for the more responsibilities. They should be taught how to grow on the corporate ladder, enjoy the good benefits instead of worrying dissatisfied.


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