Silas appears in his life and completely changes

Silas Manner is a novel by George Elliot, an English writer, one of the leading writers of the Victorian Era. The novel is set in Northern England in the early years of the nineteenth century.

It is dedicated to a life story of a weaver called Silas Marner. This man passed through lots of serious obstructions, scathing losses, derogatory blame and bitter disappointments. During the action of the novel he learns to get along with people and with himself as well. In her novel Elliot also features such important social topics as religion and coexistence of people in a rural community. The main character, Silas Manner, seems to be a philistine living a boring life in an ordinary village and having no peculiar characteristics at all. He is rather gloomy, morose and hardworking person avoided by neighbors because of his oddity. As the novel progresses the story of this lonely man is introduced to show that he has been through a betrayal of a friend and loss of the closest people and now came to Raveloe, depressed and debased. After losing his faith in people and God Salis was disorientated and completely thrown.

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The book also contains a gallery of interesting minor characters surrounding Silas in the village. As a result of a chain of different conditions and other people’s actions the main hero loses a great sum of money but gets much more. A new person appears in his life and completely changes it. Silas transfigures becoming a loving and caring man, kind and tender.

 I was impressed by the book though I am not a big fan of such literature. The novel Silas Marner is a typical well-written novel of British classic. The beginning of the novel may be boring but when the story of the main character is being told  you are imbued with it because it is very realistic. You live through all the ups and downs with Silas Marner, you sympathize him and rejoice at him. You will not find detailed descriptions of life in England in the nineteenth century or references to historical events but you will plunge into the atmosphere of a rural community, meet real people, avaricious and selfless, irresponsible and careful, cruel and magnanimous. All the heroes are about to come off the page and talk to you – so skillfully they are described.

And the main thing in the book is a hope which the author gives to all her readers: she shows that a story of a despaired person who lost everything he had is not over yet and once he will see the sun rising again. 


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