Should involving ‘assault weapons’ or ‘military style

Should there be stricter weapon laws? In the past months there have been an increase in assaults, shootings, and other incidents involving ‘assault weapons’ or ‘military style weapons’. Many times in different situations we tend to blame the objects used, but is it really the fault of an object or rather the person? In shootings people blame the gun, but in car accidents do they blame the car? Why not? The second amendment states ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’ the 2nd Amendment was originally intended to protect gun ownership of all men so that they would be able to take part in the militia and keep the peace and defend the country when needed.People say that the weapons used in these tragedies are considered to be ‘military style weapons’ when in reality pistols are used vastly across the U.

S. military as their sidearms; shouldn’t they take action against that too as it is technically a military style weapon. Humans have a tendency to want to blame something or someone when something happens. Gun control laws do not deter crime – gun ownership deters crime. Gun control laws especially those that attempt to ban ‘assault weapons’, encroach upon the right for hunters and sportsmen to own guns.

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Gun control laws do not prevent criminals from possessing guns or breaking laws. Gun control laws would prevent civilians from protecting themselves from foreign trespassers.In the end it is proven that both gun control and education about guns and gun safety are needed to prevent these saddening tragedies.


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