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Should cell phones be limited to teens and children? Many people think it’s a good idea to limit cell phone use. Research shows that teens that don’t limit their time using cell phones or
other electronics often affect a person’s development and mental health. They also show it can be a distraction at school and can keep a person from communicating with other people. These are some reasons why people should limit cell phone usage.
First, cell phones should be limited to teens and children because it can affect a person’s development and mental health. According to Psychology Today, Michael Ungar Ph. D says “seems that with all the online addiction is also coming more bullying which is only fueling our kids’s anxiety. A recent article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal by a group of researchers based mostly in Quebec, Canada, found that among a large sample of teens 59% reported moderate exposure to bullying and 14% reported chronically high exposure to bullying, both in person and online.” This shows that cell phones cause anxiety and can be caused by cyber bullyi. Teens and kids have more exposure to bullying while using cell phones.
Another reason why people should limit a teens’ or kids’ time using cell phones or any other electronic is because cell phones and other electronics can become a distraction at school. Richard Fred, author of “why phones do not belong in school”, says in the article that “study
co-author Dr. Richard Murphy, an assistant professor of economics at the university of Texas, reports: ‘allowing phones into school would be the most damaging to low-achieving and low-income students!exacerbating any existing learning inequalities.” This tells people that cell phones can become a distraction at school because students check and use their cell phones during class instead of paying attention to lessons. This can lower a student’s grade.
Some people may thinkphines are helpful for people, including teens and kids. People might also believe that cell phone devices and other type of electronics can help people communicate
with one another and staying in touch with friends and family. This might seem like a good reason to get your children a cell phone.
However, many people might disagree with this statement. People believe that by giving a child or teen a cell phone will affect their time socializing in real life. According to “Common
Sense Media recent Addiction Research” ,”59% of parents feel their teens are addicted to their cell phones.” Also this article tells the reader that “50% of teenagers admit that they are addicted to their mobile devices.” This tells us that minors are socializing less due to being addicted to cell phones.
In conclusion, children and teenagers should limit their time using their cell phone devices and any other electronics. Also, adults, parents and guardians should supervise what kids and teens are doing on their phones. By doing this we can change our society and make a better world, with less bullying.


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