Shortly the Jewish people for the failure of

Shortly after the first World War, the 1920’s seemed to bring visions of peace throughout the world. Although, by the 1930’s, conflict became a reoccuring event and displayed warning signs within large European powers such as Germany, France, The Soviet Union and Italy.

The Treaty of Versailles forced economic, territorial and militaristic provisions on Germany which led to them taking aggressive action against it. While the largest power of the time, British Prime Minister Chamberlain proposed that they take action against Hitler with a policy of appeasement. Consequently, the lack of actions the League of Nations took, Germany’s aggression towards the Treaty of Versailles and the Allies attempt at appeasement were the main reasons the the world plummeted into WWII. In the following years after WWI, Germany was faced with an abundance of negative economic impacts. Close to 6 millions people were out of jobs, and the inflation of the German mark deemed it ineffective to the people of the country.

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The citizens of Germany were in desperate need of a miracle that could take their economic depression and allow them to flourish. The people of Germany were in dire need of some sort of government reform, and the answer to their call was a man named Adolf Hitler. The people of Germany needed a strong leader, which initiated the rise of Hitler. Once he was finally put in place as Dictator of Nazi Germany, he began to blame the Jewish people for the failure of Germany and promised to do everything in his power to restore the country. One part of Hitler’s plan to revamp the country was to reclaim domestic territories that would expand their empire, “not by flaming protests, but by a mighty sword” (Document 1). This excerpt from Mein Kampf, Hitler made it clear that it was his intention and plan to expand and conquer German “territories” in a forceful manner. This statement took effect when German troops were sent to the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone between France and Germany, and within six weeks, French territory was in the hands of Germany. Afterward, Hitler began to rationalize his actions: “.

..Today cast off the last shackles fastened upon her by the Treaty of Versailles…I look upon this day as marking the close of the struggle for German equality..

.and with that re-won equality” (Document 3). Despite the fact that this was a major accomplishment for the citizens of the country, this was a false statement Hitler made that this would be his first and only invasion, yet it is now known that this was only the beginning of the invasions. As Hitler continued to invade more and more countries, the world was assured how powerful the rising empire could become.


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