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“The Cremation of Sam McGee” is also one among them. Poet has written this poem in a modular way. This cannot be a poem as it doesn’t have any rhyming words included in it but the way in which this poem flows is very much equivalent to poem and thus this writing can be considered as a poem. In this poem the poet is very clear with his thoughts and he leaves everything up to the users. This poem has ample number of meanings.

This makes a good sense as it has doesn’t have any specific meaning. Everyone can imagine this poem in their own way and can took several meanings from it at the same time. This poem simply explains one day of Sam McGee. The day explained in this poem is a Christmas. This poet is very particular to connect any situation with the one which he wants to explain.

On the occasion of Christmas i.e. festive season Sam McGee used to go out of his house for celebration. In order to do this he selects Christmas to celebrate. Thus, he searches for a palm tree to place in his house. He leaves his house and all the conversation he does with his friend is nothing but this poem. He searches for a Christmas tree.

During this he undergoes number of experience. This lets him to think on this subject. To do so he explains everything in a poetic manner. Poet is simply connecting this one day with the whole life. If anyone can live happy on special occasion then it is possible to live happily each day. The feelings while leaving home are explained in a dramatic way.

Poet considers readers as a third person and teaches everything. Now it depends on a person whether to follow this poem or just read it as other poems and then forgetting it. While selecting for a Christmas tree Sam McGee undergoes several experience which lets him to think much deeper on this life. Here, poet has given imagination world true colors. He has added extra colors to this poem by explaining tree and his conversations. This simply provides a good message among readers of this poem that life is not perfect so one should live it in the way they want and not in the way what others wish for.

Life is so much difficult to talk on and to write on, but “The cremation of Sam McGee” poem truly reveals few secrets of life. This poem surely encourages its readers.


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