“Hook every time. One is the happy side

“Hook into an eye” is the connection stuck between two faces of a top, skirt, pair of pants or anything one can suppose. However poet is talking exactly about this figure of speech. She truly means a fish hook being caught into someone’s watch! Love means what? It is a small symbol created by God.

It is important to respect this symbol. If you don’t realize meaning of true love then this life is just like wasting time on unnecessary things. True love always only needs two caring hearts that beat for each other. Irrespective of face, color, religion or caste, love always goes on and finds its way. Love has no boundaries.

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Poet wants the reader to imagine a fish hook tied on an open eye to suggest that love can be painful at time. You may not always find happiness in love. Love has two faces that coexist every time. One is the happy side and other side is full of sorrows.

. You can not guess the true meaning of lines in first attempt of reading this poem. This poem makes any person rethink and contemplate after reading is completed.

“You fit into me” is truly a lovely experience for those who have read this poem. This poem stands as an inspiration for those who are in love and stands as a guide for those who have not been in love yet.


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