Death then hook out with nature and you

Death is a universal truth which no one can avoid. Every living being is made to end one day. All things in this world are temporary. This body is temporary.

Your life is temporary. Then what is permanent? The answer is Soul. Soul never dies. It remains in this universe even after death. Although there is no any scientific proof behind this but its existence can not be neglected. Poet is telling the readers that no one is going to die in this world alone. God has created this nature and this nature will be there with you when you die. This nature will guide you, protect you and console you at that moment.

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In few stanzas poet has directly points to the reader. He says for people, who depart elsewhere in nature, at the time of death nature will relieve them of all the pain. Nature will help forget that pain. Poet says when you feel that you are about to die and you undergo a terrible feeling, then hook out with nature and you will get a lot of calm and repose. You will understand your solidarity with nature and this mother earth will seize you reverse. Poet repeatedly says that you are not the only one who is dying in this world.

You will not be only in bereavement as all other people will be near. All other people are creation of this nature like you. Each person dies and departs to the same set. Death is not something which you should be afraid of. You should always remain ready to receive death with a smile on face. Your smile can diminish the pain hidden inside death.

If you die happily then it surely reflects that you have done something good throughout your life. It simply means that you have strongly fulfilled all your dreams. You have not hurt anyone in this life. You have completed this cycle of life honestly and thus you are facing death with a smile on face. The actual meaning of Thanatopsis is “view of death” Poet has described each and every aspect related to death. If you are going to die one day and when you realize it then from the same time you should start spending time with nature.

You should not worry about other things which only increase pain. You should devote yourself to this nature and then this nature will guide you throughout your death journey.


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