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In few stanzas poet says that prudence is something which you can carry with you all the time. You can show it but the person on other side can feel it. Prudence is comfortable to look for fitness of body by fulfilling with bodily conditions along with strength of mentality by the acts of the mental power. This prudence is a word which can provide a deep calmness but it is also one which can provide a continuous headache.

Poet is very much focused on this single word in this poem. He suggests different meanings of this word. According to poet prudence is something which is full of love. If you think there is love hidden inside something then you can compare it with prudence.

This poem shows an intellectual way to compare things. A single word is compared with ample numbers of other things. Whatever comes across is compared with this word. After reading this poem one can say that prudence is universal and included in each subject and matter.

Accordingly reality, honesty, bravery, adore, worship, humbleness along with all the qualities, sort themselves on the face of prudence. Whatever it may be it can surely become part of prudence if there is truth inside. Poet suggests that one should become familiar with this word because it’s an important word which reveals top secrets in firm way.

If you love someone then for sure you have to be knowledgeable with this word. You can not show fake feelings on your face but if you carry “prudence” inside then these feelings will automatically come on your face. Therefore poet has already compared “prudence” with truth. There is no space for lie. Purity and clean mind makes up “prudence” .The poem has an amazing deep meaning.


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