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In general this poem is about missing someone. Poet is explaining one situation in a humorous manner. It is a story which tells about feeling of missing. It is not clear if this feeling is for good or bad intention but it surely makes every reader laugh on the situation. The poet has written this poem with full freedom. He has not bounded himself for any word or line while writing this poem.

Every phase of this poem makes the reader laugh. The poet has used his own style of writing which should not be neglected. This writing style demands a quick salute.

The way of expressing feelings for someone is explained in this poem. This way may be taken otherwise by the person for whom it is meant. What happens when you express yourself to someone and that person takes a wrong meaning from it? This is what makes the situation comic and creates the environment of laughter.

To make people laugh is not an easy job. It takes thousands of feelings to be destroyed in every action that any person takes to make someone laugh this is what poet is doing in this poem. In short “Miss’, I Really Miss” is a superb poem to read at least one time. Reader gets their desire to laugh from this poem. This is the victory of this poem. Furthermore, there is one message given for all readers which is not serious but thinkable. This message is for everyone to express themselves carefully as the other person may take wrong meaning out of your words.

One should take extra care on both speech and body language while expressing. This “Miss” has given two meanings in this poem. Which meaning to go for depends upon the reader? Poet has done his job; rest is for the readers to go through and laugh through the poem.


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