In one instance poet says

In one instance poet says that this diversion is the system in which killing becomes a conclusion in itself.

These lines are true in today’s world. Once the person is broken from inside then that person is almost murdered. No knife is required for this murder; no any other person is required to carry out this murder because the truths which are killing that person inside are sufficient to carry out this murder. That person never listens to others and the reason behind this behavior always remains unsaid. That person becomes a victim of mental disease. Few people who are still working for humanity try to solve this confusion but that person never listens to anybody.

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This poem is truly exploring the mental condition of a sick person who is tired of being hated, who is tired of trying for something and tired of facing some truths. “Latina Time” wins the heart of every reader and makes them think on each line. Each line has got one deep meaning which can not be neglected at any cost. This is the main victory of this poem. The poem which lets its reader to go into the other world truly called as a complete poem.

Each line needs to be read over and over again since every sentence creates one feel about this life. The way used to explain situation is excellent, extremely full of meaning and reflection provoking. The main aim of poet is to change the mentality of this society and spread one message among them which states that nothing is weighty to those who enclose strong determination power.


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