The and Nature is correlative. The trivial

The ability to awaken us to universe and timeless laws of nature lies in the power of arts, music, sculptures and monuments. Our life is an endless flight with facts and events acting as wings. A man who is enlightened and understands his instincts does not believe in facts but in the principles that underlie them. All great literature talks about the unattained and what is attainable by the power of human mind. Every Age has their fables which give an expression to what the mind of that time toiled to achieve.

Thus history is about the achievable; it is an inspiration for the readers to put their righteous attempts and soul into doing the just things. Human mind needs an entity to work upon. No achievement or discovery or experience felt can be explained without an existing object to associate with. Emerson has explained this correspondence by the facts, mind is One, and Nature is correlative. The trivial experiences of everyday relate to some old prediction which we heard or saw without heed.

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According to Emerson, history should be written with the concentration of soul and the cycle of experience rather than facts should be passed through it. It should talk of the life that you lived. No history yet talks about the metaphysical annals of man or of the mysteries hidden behind Death and Immortality. History should not be build around Rome, Constantinople, Paris, but there should have a broader and deeper view of the way nature has evolved. It should carry a true expression of our annals- from an ethical transformation, from the influx of regenerated conscience instead of being a symbol of our selfishness and pride.


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