This a quick hold on their loved

This poem is forcing readers to get a quick hold on their loved one. This world is too small to get into.

If someone loves a person then let that person know about the feelings. Thus, poet is very talented here to make his readers fly into his designed world. This nature of poet enhances the eagerness of readers to read more and more. This poem can be called as true love poem which teaches to love a partner from inside out. There is a hidden meaning in every word and every word has been cleverly used. There is one line in this poem “music of the sea”, which there are many ways to enjoy the music given by this nature. If romantic couple has no other choice of music to dance on then they can dance on the music that this nature carries.

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Music of sea or music of wind is such the lovers will love to dance on these sounds. Poet advises the reader to hear echo create by empty seashell. This seashell is nothing but the life. If the loved one is not near and life is looking empty then mind creates sound like that created any empty seashell. Only difference is that sound created by empty mind comes out in form of “tears” and sound created by empty seashell is called as “music”.

Poet has compared the music of nature with the mind’s state of bereavement and hollowness. The poet has been able to keep the audience interested in the fantasies of the poem through his style of writing.


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