The insists the readers to enter into the

The girl is a character of fiction created by the poet and he also insists the readers to enter into the mold of this character created by him. When the poet says “What is all this?” he means that despite the character has created such life for herself, but she is left with the question as to what all this is which clearly means that she is not at all happy with her life.

He also insists on the fact that at least a few things in life can be known for certain. For example we are sure of the fact that our heart pounds day and night till the moment we are alive. The woman is standing in a pale gown and she stare in the room, looks at the fan; she is actually clueless about her surroundings because of the pain in her heart which refuses to go away. This is in fact the situation of the hearts of all the women who fail to find happiness in small things in life and run after larger things, the things which they are not satisfied with once they attain them. There lies a deep meaning in the poem which the poet is keen on conveying to his readers. Finding happiness in smaller things in life will help in life being colorful and the shades of grey will eventually disappear.

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