Dombey back with her son whom she has

Dombey is in search of his wife and is joined by Alice who hold a revenge to Carker. On his journey he overhears the conversation among the employees of Carker and he finds out where they are and set for them.

But on the other side, Carker and Mrs. Dombey do not go well and in his return back to England, he accidentally falls under a train and is dead. It was after his death that it was realized that the firm was run far beyond it means and this finally ends up in the doom of Dombey.

Dombey retires to two of his room in his house when everything else is up for sale. It is at this time that he starts to think about his daughter. He recalls everything happens in the past and understands that in spite of all the changes, it was only his daughter that did not change and now when he wanted her most, she is not there. But fortunately, one day Florence comes back with her son whom she has named Paul and is reunited with her father. At the end of the story, it is seen that Dombey has become very old and is blessed by his two grandchildren. However whenever he keeps them on his lap, and kisses them, tears flow down and for the questions to his grandchildren, he only says’ Little Florence’.

This is a very beautiful story that highlights the value of love and understanding among a father and daughter and how the father regrets for his doings to his daughter.


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