Where mind and soul with pain and

Where the heart and the mind are not feeling right, the autumn fall also affects the soul of the poet. The soul feels dried and sorrowful and has no inner joy to relish. The soul also feels weak and lacks the liveliness as the autumn leaves start falling.

The comparison of the soul with the dried stack of crop ready for harvesting, is bring out the mournful picture of the soul which is in deep pain and has is not happy with autumn coming. The poet is in such a grief and depression that he feels as if it is not the autumn but death arriving in its face. In other words, the poet finds that autumn lacks any reason and substance of life and is so dull and disheartening that one could even think of dying. Poet has expressed his hatred for the autumn which arrives with fall of the leaf and begins to fill his life- heart, mind and soul with pain and lifelessness. Thus, this song is a poet’s verdict of strong disliking for the autumn and in very few lines the poet has drawn the picture in the reader’s mind of the autumn which is completely saddening and makes the autumn seem deadly and mournful.

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