The permanent and trampled object to a

The verse in this poem actually means that a poem must be alive forever. The poet applies immobile in time period as the moon climbs, if we watchfully analyze this doggerel then we can freely spot a kind of contradiction in terms, for he bears a resemblance to the poem, as a permanent and trampled object to a further thing which is poignant, that is the moon. This is what this poem speaks about, the moon all the time stays alive and climbs into the sky as soon as it illustrates awake.

In short any poem should behave like a moon which is always moving and present. What Poet is attempting to relate in the opening stanza is that a poem must be conspicuous and silent resembling a globed crop; which means that a poem must be widespread over this universe. According to poet, any poem should be created by considering few facts like silence and minimum use of words.

Poet suggests that poem should be wordless i.e. “Ars Poetica”. Thus poem should be free from any obstacle and rules.

There should be a scope to write on any topic without any burden of rules and regulations. Ideal poem should speak more in minimum words. We see that majority of poems are lengthy. These poems rarely contain meaning inside them; and are just filled with rhyming words. Poet says poem should live long life and this will happen only if that poem has something interesting and captivating inside it. If it has no message or content to convey to the reader, the poem will automatically vanish with time. This is a message for all those poets who think that poetry is an easy job and they can write whatever they want.

Poet is sad as she wants to look for quality of words and content in the poem and not the quantity of it. Poem should not get this disrespect. Poet has explained all truths with a free mind and has been successful in reaching the hearts of the poetry lovers.


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