One a butterfly when you sit still,

One can truly value and respect the small things in life only when he or she is deprived of the basic material pleasures in life.

The poetess is a black lady who has been bought to America to serve as a slave to the whites. It is in this adversity of her life that she understands the basic facts of life; happiness is found in smaller things in life, if one continuously searches happiness he will not find it. Happiness is like a butterfly when you sit still, it quietly comes and rests up on your shoulders. The poetess has used personification and metaphors to explain the beauty of the nature. She stresses on the importance of the beautiful morning, the gentle wind, the setting sun, the beautiful sky and the shades that the sun creates.

If one loses thyself in the beauty of nature, he or she will be left with no pain as a result of which they will also start understanding the deepest meaning of life. The writing style, the diction and the choice of words is amazing and reflect the fact that whenever Wheatley writes a poem, it is bound to mesmerize the audience, all the readers in general. In this poem, the poetess talks about the beauty that each and every morning is filled with and also the chirping of the birds, the nature inspires us every day to forget the tensions of the past day and get involved in the beauty of the present moment. A person who forgets the past and is not worried about the future is the one who can live a happy life, always. The poetess also stresses on the fact that though nothing lasts forever, life is only a gift to us so that we can understand the significance of each and everything that is given to us, every little thing we are surrounded of. As a matter of fact, it is extremely essential to value even the tiniest flower that blossoms in your plant.

The moment an individual starts appreciating little things in life, he can truly understand the higher truths in life; truths relating to the fact as to why he or she has been placed on Earth. “An Hymn To The Morning” is undoubtedly one of the best work of Phillis Wheatley.


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