Nash family life can be happy and

Nash clearly states that to keep the love in the loving cup, it is essential to accept and admit when one goes wrong and keep mum when one is right. If this simple formula is kept in mind by both the husband and wife; the love will remain forever. Even if among the husband or wife follows this idea, the marriage is bound to be successful and if no one neither the husband, nor the wife follows the idea; a rough and unhappy marriage is unavoidable by all means. Speech is silver, silence is golden- this saying is particularly true in case of marriages because unnecessary arguments will only result in increasing the tension between a couple and even the kids and other members of the family. Silence is the key and the secret to a happy marriage.

Life, in fact peculiarly married and family life can be happy and blissful if patience and silence are followed on a regular basis. But people today are not only are busy and occupied in their life but they forget that they only get a handful of moments to spend with the people they love; if those moments are also spent arguing, a beautiful life is impossible. To fill the cup of your life with love and happiness accepting mistakes is essential.


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