If wishes to see this beautiful world

If this is life then why are people living? What are they going to achieve? Will they achieve their aim by doing this? If “Wish” doesn’t exist then why is this life going on? What is the real meaning of life? All these questions get their answers in this poem. This poem is the mediator between the aim and wish. Anybody can not calculate their aim as wish. This is because wish is so much different than aim. Aim means living for something but wish means existing for something. Wish can give exact meaning to this life.

Wish the thing which is beyond everything be it money or time. Poet doesn’t want funeral for death. He wishes to see this beautiful world alone. Always surrounding yourself with people is also not good in his point of view. Therefore, you can not live always in crowd or can not provide your extra attention to others sayings. What you need to do is to see how beautiful this world is! In this way you can feel the true colors of life.

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This is the way to enjoy each season of the climate. To let yourself beyond this world you need to wish first. Thus you can not give useless excuses of time and business. Only then you can enjoy this life or else when your life comes to an end you will say that you didn’t enjoy this life. Always remember there is only one life and you need to enjoy it in all possible ways.

For the same poet asks to push yourself alone for your wish. No one is going to wait for you or make you happy. Only you and your wish are best friends of each other.

Take a clear picture of your present life. Don’t count how much life is wasted but see how much remains still for you to live. Give a quick break to usual life and try to follow your wish.


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