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Next night, comes the Ghost of Christmas Present, which is a giant who is just to live for one day. The Ghost shows him the celebrations in a Christmas party which has all the reasons for one to be cheerful and gay. It also presents him the picture of future that will be bleak and doomed for all if he continues to exhibit Ignorance for everything of the present.

Finally the Ghost of Christmas Yet to come arrives as a silent figure clad in black robes to replace the ghost of Christmas Present. He shows him the scene of a group of people who are talking about someone’s death. The irony is that people are not worried or perturbed by this death; rather some people are happy that it happened. Since the crippled Tim is already dead, Scrooge is in despair to learn that it is he who has died.

The picture of hope is also showcased by the ghost who shows that if he changes his views of the Christmas spirit and pledges to bring in changes based on the lesson that the three ghosts have taught, this future may be altered. Scrooge is a changed man next morning. He learns to smile and be friendly to everyone. He starts donating generously and feels sorry before the donation workers for insulting them.

He turns into a man that he had promised to the ghosts and becomes a jolly man who keeps the spirit of Christmas alive in his heart throughout the year.


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