Now would be most unhappy to have

Now before you get me all wrong let me add that I have my own reasons to dislike it.

I dislike glamour, consider it nothing else but hypocrisy and sham. Big money has no fascination for me because it brings trouble, mental tension, baseless arrogance and what not. Only honest and hard earned money can give real satisfaction. Similarly fast jet set life does not go down with me as I prefer a quite, tranquil life having reconciled to the type of life. I do not like the working conditions of the actors. The arc lights, the murky smell of the studios and the layers of make-up one has to put on repel me. I dislike fan-mail- meaningless, drivel from complete strangers – and I see no logic in going around appending my signature in everybody’s autograph book.

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I shudder at the thought of being mobbed, should I go out shopping. I would be most unhappy to have gossip writers write all scurrilous news about my private life. I honestly feel that the actors lead a miserable life. They spend one half of it in trying to get break and in scaling the ladder of success and the other half in coping with the onset of age and the down hill journey. Indeed there is nothing more pathetic that a faded film actor.


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