He country is marching forward on the road

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was brought up as a prince. Very efficient teachers taught him. At the age of 15, he went to England for higher studies.

There he joined the Public School at Harrow. Then he went to Cambridge Uni­versity where he took his degree in 1910. Then he joined law. He was called to bar in 1912. He came to India. He started his practice at Allahabad High Court.

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He was married to Smt. Kamla Devi at the age of 27. In the young age of Nehruji the British ruled over India. The English treated the Indians badly. This pained the heart of Jawaharlal Nehru. He gave up the practice and joined the Non co-operation Movement started by Gandhiji. He went to jail several times. He bore punishments happily.

He struggled bravely. He acted as Congress President in four different years before India became free. When India became free, he was elected the first Prime Minister of India.

Pt. Nehru was a successful Prime Minister. India made great progress under his guidance. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, our late President once said, “the country is marching forward on the road of progress under the leadership of Panditji.” He did a lot for the world. Had he lived some years more, the country would have become very strong.

He solved some difficult problems of the country as well as the world. China attacked India in 1962. This attack had a bad effect upon his health. He never expected that China would prove treacherous.

He had heart attack on 27th May 1964 and he passed away from this world. Nehruji was a great statesman. He was a good writer and speaker. He wrote many famous books. He was a great friend of the poor. He lived for the good of his country.

He loved justice and truth. He could not bear opposition. Nehru was a true lover of peace. He laid down five principles called ” Panchsheel”. May his soul find place in paradise!


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