A criminals want to act like a

A film star is an idol for them. They try to dress themselves like him and try to act like him. Many crimes are committed because the criminals want to act like a particular hero. Some adventurous youth makes advances to a girl, imitating a hero of a film story, and find themselves in trouble.

Dancing has become popular in Indian films; we find the youths and the children gyrating in various funny and clumsy manner. Cinema is one of the entertainments which is taken wry seriously by young. They sacrifice their studies and make a beeline to the altar of the film. They steal, beg or borrow to see a popular movie. This has made them irresponsible as human beings. Cinema thrusts a powerful cultural influence on our nation. Our films have brought villages and towns closer and different provinces nearer. A few words from Hindustani and a few words from a dialect spoken in Remote Tamil Nadu make a popular song.

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A few characters from Gujarat, a few scenes from far-flung Kashmir make the story. It has prepared the ground for bringing social reforms. Social evils like prostitution, black-marketing and dowry have been embedded in the stories.

People develop emotional sympathy and prepare themselves mentally for the change. Indian cinema covers so vast a field that no one escapes its influence. The elderly people go to see some religious films, children have films meant for them and the young find love stories quite absorbing. It helps the poor to forget about his poverty and the rich to forget about money-spinning activities. It make us cautious of the realities of life and helps us avert the wrong paths in our life.


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