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With attendance in the faces hardly 50% the streets look deserted and they become a driver’s paradise. You can see groups collected in front of the television screen, tuning to a running commentary, in front of pan shops and dhobis. You see cricket fans animatedly discussing players and the score betting is its all time high with the Dons controlling the matches. Families sit together, lied to the television, watching their favorite super stars playing. The ‘Ahs’ and ‘Oohs’ which rent the air, with each stroke played by our cricketers, enlivens the environment and makes the game even more fun.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that life in India comes to a stand still, when India is playing a cricket match, especially with Pakistan, which is like fighting a real battle at the front. We are so passionate about this game that at times it is difficult to control fans. On a few occasions, when India had lost, the crowd went crazy and the game had to be literally stopped. It was the height of craziness when a cricket fan broke his television set when the Indians lost to the Pakistanis.

Cricket has in fact completely, replaced our National game Hockey. It is a game which is pursued as a profession which can make a cricketer a multi­millionaire. Maximum sponsorship from big industries/houses is for this game. Because of this extreme craze for this game all other games in India have taken a back seat. India can think of no other game but cricket.

You can see cricket being played every where in lanes, in villages, in towns etc. This game is popular because it has been glamorized by the media. When Test matches were played then also the craze for this game was not less bill thanks to the one dyers and 20 – 20 matches now less time is wasted! front of the television boxes, making this game all the more popular. As I matter of fact, people wake up the whole night to watch this beautiful game Even schools, while scheduling their examinations, try not to have a pap on the day before a cricket match is played because it has been see that the performance of the student in exams is invariably affected in a paper right after a cricket match. Many restaurants and hotels cash on the craze for this game by installing’ big screens enabling cricket fans to watch this game the spectators waiving the Indian Flag excitedly, with their faces painted in tri-colors, cheering] away to glory is also quite entertaining.

Some can also be seen wearing: traditional Indian costumes, performing hangars at each 4’s and 6’s. If India wins, the whole country celebrates the victory of the Indian team bursting crackers, even in the middle of the night and believe me no occasion can be as festive as this. There is no doubt, that India is a country of crick crazy fans, who have high hopes from their players and when they fail the field, the disappointment, anguish is written clearly on the faces of the fans. Wow! Cricket your position in the field of sports is truly envious!!!


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