That the language Indians learn the language

That means a student is exposed to the language for nearly eighteen years.

In addition, the student also studies his other subjects in English. Having seen the need for learning the language, we now realise that the importance given to the language in our educational system is justified. We are not satisfied with teaching English in a regular way, and today find thousands of private individuals and organisations teaching Indians to learn English in spoken and written forms. The Central Institute of English as Foreign Language, based at Hyderabad renders great service to the language by pointing out to the people their mistakes in the use of the language. This institution places before the people the models of correct usage.

Because of the worldwide popularity of the language Indians learn the language with enthusiasm. They are proud of their ability to speak and write the language. English plays a vital role in the development of the country.

In addition to being useful for internal and external communication, it functions also as a common link between people speaking different languages. So, it becomes all the more necessary to learn this language. It is not an exaggeration to say that communication is easier in English, than in any other Indian language.


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