Short a lot of new feelings and emotion

Short plot summary of GiverThe story Giver takes place in a place that where it’s perfect and there is no fear and pain. It takes place in the future from now. Jonas is a kid that is different from other people in the novel, he has fear sometimes and he does experience pain.

At his ceremony of 12 (that’s what they do every year to show that the kid grew up, but only exist from the age of 1 – 12), he was selected to be the receiver of memories, since the people from there doesn’t know any history about the past. And so after a year of following Giver (his instructor) he learns a lot of things about the past and a lot of new feelings and emotion that they dun have in their world. And so Jonas found out that the world just should no be working this was and therefore. He and Giver plan to leave the country. However, Giver thought that he is too old for escaping, so he decided just to help Jonas to escape. On his way, he went home and picked up a baby, Gabriel who would be released (killed) soon, with him and they started their journey to escape. After a long journey, Jonas and Gabriel were successfully escaped from the country and they went to a village.

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The story was told as a third person point of view. I enjoyed this story because it shows that how Jonas stands up against what he thought was wrong. The place was suppose to be a utopia turns out to be a dystopia to Jonas.

It shows that how the people acts in the real life. How they act to be honest but they are actually lying. The government in the story is the biggest lie, they control everything of the people and assign them what to do, and so that they won’t even notice that they are in such a situation that they are controlled.

After all, this novel is a good example of utopia/dystopia literature.


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