Relationship well as people. The managers obtain

Relationship orientation means “concern for people”, maintenance of self-esteem of workers, provision of good working conditions and development of satisfying inter-personal relations.

The 1.1 Managerial Style:

It has been referred as “impoverished management under this style, manager has little interest either in the task or in the people. He marks his time. He would send the communication from the superiors to the subordinates and vice-versa. He has little involvement in the job. He lacks initiative when anything goes wrong, he would pass the buck on others.

The 1.9 Management Styles:

Some persons call his style as “Country club management”.

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In this management style, manager has concern only for the people. He has little or no concern for production. He wants to create an atmosphere where everyone is relaxed, friendly and happy.

The 9.1 Management Style:

It has been sometimes referred as ‘autocratic task management. Under this style, manager is interested only in the production and not in the people. He follows ‘Produce or Perish’ philosophy.

He is autocratic in his style of leadership. He always wants obedience and hard work Tom his subordinates.

The 5.5 Management Style:

This style is known as “middle road”. Under this style managers have medium concern for production as well as people. The managers obtain adequate morale and production.

They do not set high goals for the welfare of people or for the production. According to Koontz and Wibrich, “The managerial grid is useful device for identifying and classifying managerial styles. But it does not tell us why a manager falls in one part or another of the grid”. To find this out, we have to look at underlying causes, such as the personality of the leader or those of the followers, the ability and training of managers, the enterprise environment, and other situational factors that influence how both leaders and followers act.


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