Elections criminal record or criminal out-look. 3.

Elections should be held periodically every 5 years for the Parliament. The age of the voter should be not less than 24 years. The voter should be mature in mind before he is asked to exercise hi s discretion on electing a Member of Parliament. The age for the candidate to be elected as a Member of Parliament should be made 30 years. The voter as well as a Member of Parliament should be mature in mind. Making Laws of the land and enforcing them is not to be taken slightly. The elections to the Parliament must be held with debate on issues.

The election results should not be carried away by emotional issues. If the elections are swayed by any emotional issues then it will be a symptom of the immaturity of the voter. The citizens should reduce such a scope. They may lessen it to some extent by making the voting age a minimum of 24 years. If there happens to be a landslide victory to any one party by any wave, it is a symptom of the immaturity of the voter and consequently it will be a detriment to the healthy Parliament. Members elected to the Parliament with no or little socio-economic political awareness would plunge the country into abysmal depths and also they would plunder the wealth of the nation. Every citizen should, be Very vigilant in electing their representative. The citizens should only elect the persons who possess the following qualifications:- 1.

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He must be honest and truthful. 2. He should not have any criminal record or criminal out-look. 3.

His loyalty to the State is unquestionable. 4. His interest in the well being of all human beings is genuine, 5. He is not corrupt 6. He has adequate knowledge of process of Law making. 7. He has the capacity to take decisions on his own and does not waver in this regard.

8. He has the capacity of fight against causes which he believes are against the interest of the people or for the causes which he believes are in their interest. 9. He has the wisdom to listen to the opposition point of view and make amendments in his own stand if the opposition points have merits. 10.

He has the foresight to visualise how the State should be in future after one or two generations and work with that forethought. The citizens should bear in mind that only such candidates having the above qualifications should be elected. The wisdom of people will be reflected in the Parliament. If buffoons, cantankerous persons, corrupt persons and criminals are seen in the Parliament that will only reflect the wisdom of the people. By adopting Democracy and electing representatives empowering them to make Laws, they have disallowed one man Rule and decided to be governed by a group of persons. When there was a one man rule, there were noble Rulers whose names are revered even today and there were noble Rulers whose names are revered even today and there were despotic Rulers whose acts were arbitrary, irrational and unquestionable. Not to be subjected to the despotic Rule, the people have chosen the democratic form.

If only a king were to be elected whether people would go for a wise king or a despotic King? If it is only for one elected representative, the people would fully focus on the qualities of a candidate and vote for a wise man, because if a despotic leader is elected he may ruin the people and the state. When such critical analysis will be made if a single person is to be elected, the same principle should be applied when the citizens are to elect 500 persons. By electing 500 Members of Parliament the citizens are not diluting the power of State. Power of the State is constant, whether it is a one man rule or a rule by 500 persons.

What they are diluting is the State power vested in one man to a group of 500 persons; it is only to avoid capricious and arbitrary exercise of State powers by the single person that they are electing 500 persons. This group of 500 persons should also possess the qualities which they wish to see in a single King. The voters must be very vigilant and exercise the power of vote judiciously and discard the persons who do not possess the above 10 qualities. If the voters do not exercise their wisdom and elect unscrupulous persons to Parliament, the result will be a despotic rule in the name of democracy. Laws will be changed over-night, constitutional amendments will be made without any debate, and appointment to the High offices will be made at the whims and fancies of the unscrupulous power holders. Good traditions will not be followed Untruthfulness and fraud will occurred highest level. If such a despotic rule comes, that system will fail.

People will become despondent. In such despondency again a man will rise, carry the masses with him and assume power. Again it will be a one man rule “When equality of the people will not be protected in democracy, the Laws of the land will be changed to suit some individual self-interests and when elected members and Government Servants will lord over the masses, and the masses will have no interest to protect the system.” “One despotic Ruler will be far better than thousands of despotic rulers in the shape of elected representatives and bureaucrats”, if people do not elect the representatives keeping in view the above qualities the result will be that, the State administration will not function effectively.

It will just drift for 2 or 3 generations and ultimately that State will disintegrate. The democracy will be overthrown. Either it will be annexed by the neighboring country or it will be overtaken by a Dictator.


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