It be seen dressed carelessly; these people

It is a necessity of man. You can judge one’s character, taste and habits by the dress he wears. They are the stages of the wearer. The fashion in dress has changed many times.

In the olden days in India man used to wear dhoti, kurta or shirt and women sarees or lehnga. Then came pant-shirt for man and salwar suits for women. The colours and cuts have also changed pattern. Sometime it is light colour and sometime it is dark. Sometimes it is loose fitting and sometimes it is skin fit.

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Sometimes it is three piece suit and the other time it is two piece suit. You can find young boys wearing gaudy clothes. They will thrust a handkerchief in the upper pocket of their coat and a flower in the button hole. They want to show them as over smart. They just want to hide some weakness in their tip top dress. Some people can be seen dressed carelessly; these people have no taste of clothes. A man who is neatly dressed and is wearing polished shoes gives the impression of his clean habit. So the dress gives some idea about the habit of the wearer.

But the dress only is not the image of the wearer. Great scholars never paid much attention to their dress. Gandhiji reduced his dress to minimum. So only dress is not the image of the man.


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