Over indeed pathetic when one saw a photograph

Over seventy-five institutions had put up stalls in the Fair. The NIT, The AIMS Education, Aortal, Mafia Academy, Do-It and some other private educational institutions offering career counseling, participated in the Fair. The Fairs of the kind organized by The Hindu’ are very helpful to the student community in seeking jobs.

Such Fairs may be organised by the various industrial houses and they can spot the right candidates for employment. They will solve the unemployment problem to a certain extent. The students should not be left to struggle for jobs. They should be helped to seek jobs. There is a general complaint that the Employment Exchanges are not quite useful. Many who have registered with the Employment Exchanges have not found jobs even after a long time.

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The establishment of the Employment Exchanges was a novel idea and if they function effectively they can solve the unemployment problem to a great extent. It was indeed pathetic when one saw a photograph in a newspaper of the B.P. graduates queuing up before an Employment Exchange to register for jobs.

A graduate with specialization in a technical subject has to seek the help of an Employment Exchange. It is quite unimaginative to go on starting colleges for B.P.

or ME. courses, it is- quite wrong on the part of the Government to go on giving permission to start more and more engineering and medical colleges. The private engineering and medical colleges mercilessly extort a heavy sum as annual fees from the students.

It is some thousands of rupees or lakhs of rupees. This practice of extortion of the students by the private colleges should stop. The Government should take stern steps in this regard. This is one of the Primary duties of the Government.


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