Definition: StateTree cropAssociated agricultural crop Uttar PradeshSal treeMaize,


Taungya is also a shifting cultivation in which cultivators are allowed to plant forest tree sp and to raise agriculture crops in between rows of forest trees simultaneously and cleared for about 3-5 years. Thereafter shift to another patch of land. Aim: Wood and food production.


(1) First started in Burma in 1850 (teak plantation). (2) Java in 1856. (3) In India this was introduced by Brandis in 1863. (4) In India first plantation raised in North Bengal in 1863

Types of Taungya:

(1) Departmental taungya (2) Leased taungya (3) Village taungya Crops grown in taungya system in India: StateTree cropAssociated agricultural cropUttar PradeshSal treeMaize, PaddyAndhra PradeshCashew, TeakHill Paddy, Ground NutKerelaTeak, Eucaly­ ptusPaddy, GingerAssamSal treePaddyTamil NaduTeak, BambooMillet, PulsesWest BengalTeak, Sal treePaddy, Maize

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Suppression of weed and climbers. 2. Regeneration of forest species in cheap.

3. Employment opportunity to rural people. 4. Full fertilization of available land for production of food crops. 5. Increase forest wealth.



Erosion and soil fertility loss. 2. Exploitation of human labour.

3. Danger of epidemics. 4. Forest trees are not cared. 5. Cultivators may claim legal right on land. 6.

Insecure land tenure.


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