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The early attempts towards the goal of success are the hardest. The more our efforts get success, the easier it becomes to do so. In the end it becomes our habit.

Then success follows success. Nothing is impossible to a man who has a purpose and the perseverance to persist with it. Self-confidence, courage and strong will power are necessary to get success. It is not how much we do but how well we do that is important.

But at the same time one should also keep this in mind that it is better to do something than to do nothing due to fear of failure. It is why courage is necessary to achieve success. In the ordinary business of life industry can do anything which genius can do. Genius is nothing but quality of making persistent efforts in spite of facing thousands of failures. Fortune favours the brave.

There is no gain without taking risk. How can a man who never ventures win? In life one has to take bold decisions quickly. Time and tide wait for nobody.

The timid, weak and undecided are swept aside by the tide of time. Determination and concentration can enable a man to attain success in any field of life. So success is not a matter of luck, it depends on firm determination and full preparation.


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