The job of a lawyer pleading his case,

The job of a lawyer pleading his case, a teacher teaching his ideas, an applicant applying for a job, resembles the job of a salesman.

In each of these cases, skill and ability of a salesman is very much necessary in order to be successful. Thus, we observe that the skill of salesmanship is not restricted to selling goods and services but is applicable in several other fields. A modern salesman occupies a pivotal position in the structure of an organisation. Modern sales managers take decisions about recruitment, selection, training and controlling of sales force. Similarly, the activities of production and sales are also considerably regulated by the sales manager of an organisation. As we see, salesmanship today covers a wide range of activities and constitutes an integral part of management.

It also offers wide scope for development in future. In fact, modern salesmanship is growing on scientific lines, day by day. Time is not far when a salesman will be in a position to dictate to the producers of goods and services, what, when and how much to produce for sale in the market.


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