Public in a position to offer suggestions

Public officials must be term workers and co-operate with each other and with other departments. They must not try to score points off the other fellow. It is only the principle of public responsibility that requires the public administration to keep elaborate records and accounts of their actions and to make public the activities of the public servants so that the people may know what is being done by the Government and in what manner so that they may control their activities by their criticisms and may be in a position to offer suggestions for improvements in administration. Private administration does not have any great responsibility towards the public. Though we cannot say that it is not responsibility to the public, yet it is not responsibility to the public in the sense in which the public administration is. A private administration would be regarded as quixotic if it is allowed any considerations other than that of its own ultimate, if not; immediate profit.

Thus, while public administration is directly responsible to the people to a very great extent, private administration is only responsible to the people indirectly and that too also to secure its own ends and not for the welfare of the people.

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