Example: while those who occupy these statuses

Example: We may speak of Mr. X as a good advocate or Mrs. Y as a renowned dancer. Here we implicitly accept that the person concerned has many statuses and we are pointing out only one of them for a particular reference. The statuses that an individual occupies and the roles that he plays constitute an essential element in his personality.

The time, energy and ability that an individual has, are very much limited. He must achieve results and satisfy needs. For this the system of his statuses must be integrated to some extent. Otherwise, he may feel unhappy.

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His personal efficiency, confidence and contentment also depend on the integration of his various social positions. From the societal point of view, the total system of statuses in the entire society or group must be integrated to some reasonable extent. The very existence of society depends on such integra­tion. Normally, occupational, familial, religious, political and other statuses are built in such a man­ner that they provide scope for such integration through an interlocking system of rights and obligations. What is to be noted is that the system of statuses remains permanent while those who occupy these statuses may get changed.

For example, in the economic system of a society; ’em­ployer-employee’ statuses and roles are designed by the society. In actuality, these statuses and roles remain permanent though the occupants of these statuses may differ markedly. Thus, for the smooth functioning of the society it is essential that its innumerable statuses are properly organised of inte­grated.


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